TOKAI is sales-professional group having strong sales-channels with Taiwan and China major companies.

Business description

Electronics Parts

We sell various electronics parts for IT, industrial, automobile and energy fields and so on, not only for domestic markets but overseas as Southeast especially Taiwan and China, USA, Europe and other countries. We supply various types of switches, sensors, variable resistors, connectors, terminal blocks etc. Taking advantages of both domestic and overseas strong sales-channels, we also seek and suggest replacement for discontinued products.

Wholesale of Everyday goods

Through close meetings with customers we suggest daily goods as kitchen bath tableware designed along with customers needs, high quality and high cost-performance. We also support to import overseas unique goods for various markets including for sales-promotion use.

Health related goods on Retail sales

In the long management of our web shop Kenko No.1 Happy Family we supply not only health food and commodities but also any other goods that would add color to your daily life as for bath and kitchen, cleaning, pet goods, electrical appliance and so on. New suppliers and corporations buyers shall always be welcome.